Monday, December 28, 2009

Closing the Year 2009

I never could have thought that I would ever start a blog, and now here I am – closing my first blogging year.
It's not only the closure of a year, but also the closure of an era in my life.
Now it's already 105 days ago since Pipke died, and I still can't cope with her loss.
There hasn't been one day or one hour that she wasn't in my mind.
It comforts me, that I still can write about her, it's in fact a flight from reality. I'm really afraid that I'm going to fall in a deep hole when her story is finished.
It really would be a support for me, to know that there are people reading her story.
At the moment I'm still working on it, and it still keeps on growing, so it will take some time before I'm going to publish it.
I'd hope you have patience with me.

For new readers and the people who haven't followed my blog from the start, here follows the year overview of 2009.
Maybe there are things that can interest you.

Two posts: just try-outs, in fact of no importance. I'm trying to find out how blogging works.

Post: Oei .. oei .. ai .. ai .. plop! I laid my egg. Here I explain how it came that I started to blog and I also show here Pipke's first picture. I also tell here how she started her life, that I found her in an abandoned nest at the moment she cracked her egg-shell.
Post: Through the Eye of the Needle. Not such a cheerful way to start a blog. We feared to loose Pipke, we were glad that she pulled through.

Post: No Good News: Pipke became ill again.
Post: Time for a Funny note. A funny strip about the situation here in my household. I advise you to read this, very funny!
Post: Changing Plans. Here I say: I think for an outsider would be very boring if I would “only” talk about Pipke! So I decided to talk also about other subjects because some variation is always good!

Post: Needle Work from the Past. Here I show you a little tablecloth in cross-stitch that I once made when I was only sixteen.
Post: Conversation at the Breakfast Table. Only a conversation that shows how men often think about women.
Post: Easter … Last Year. Then I found a injured Jackdaw.
Post: Will you be my Running Mate? Here I show you my running circuit.

Post: Sense, Sensitivity and Insensitivity. Here I talk about cruel people, with no feelings at all. We could save a Blackbird and a Thrush.
Post: A Wish Fulfilled. Pipke's 14th birthday with several pictures.

Post: About Blah... Blah...Blah! About why we are all blogging.
Post: Photography: a New Challenge for Me. Here I talk about my father ( a press photographer) and how I assisted him in the dark room. I also show you a few pictures that I made of my former running circuit on the Belgian countryside.
Post: Warning: Indecent Exposure! If you are curious, look at it.

Post: America .. here we Were! July the 4th, 30 years ago we were at this place in America. In the future I will talk about this trip.
Post:. Me and the Translater. The translator deceived me. It went about a “scheet in een fles”. Literally translated into English: A fart in a bottle !:):) The English proverb for this is: "to make a mountain out of a molehill". Just read it. The comments that followed on this post, were an example of two naughty grannies.

Post: Greetings from Belgium. Here's only someone waving at you on a sunshiny day.
Post: Our Garden … Pipke's little world. Here I show you our garden and Pipke's pen. Here I placed a picture of Pipke, not knowing that this would become her last picture, before she went ill for the very last time.
Post: Motherhood Fundamentalism! This Is a post intended to “all” mothers.

Post: Sleep Soft Pipke. Her obituary.
Post: Pipke's Very Last Fight. This needs no explanation.

Post: Finally. I received the book: Wesley the Owl by Stacey O'Brien. I recommend you to read this wonderful life and love story of an owl..
Post: Pipke's Very Last Journey. About her cremation.
Post: The Days After. That speaks for itself.
Post: True Love! Film pictures. Here I show you how we cuddled.
Post: Paranoia? About problems that I had with my computer.

Post: Our Little Sunshine. Beautiful film pictures of Pipke, I called this: “Dejeuner sur l'herbe” after the painting of E. Manet.
Post: RESPECT in a Funny Matter. A YouTube film about a funny Dutch song. I tried to translate it for you.
Post: Our Assistant Gardener. Film pictures of Pipke while she assisted my hubby to mow the lawn.

Post: Closing the Year 2009. An overview of my first blogging year.
The closure of the most important era in my life – I only wished that I could turn back the clock!

I'd hope that this post will guide you through my blog, and I thank you for posting a comment , being a follower or only just for being a reader.

I'd appreciate it very much that you've visited my blog.
Till soon.


  1. I'm reading, and following, and definitely interested in her entire story. I hope you can stay out of that hole. Take care.

  2. I am also following. :D

    Thank you.


  3. I'm keeping track of you and Pipke's story as well Fran. Writing her story can be good therapy for you but it can also keep it all fresh and hard to deal with too. Just keep your head on straight my deep holes allowed. {hugs to you}

  4. I promise you ladies, I will not disappoint you.
    Thanks for your support and I will keep my head straight.
    Hugs to you all.

  5. you take as much time as you need we all have the patience. and dont worry i will def be in line to read her (pipkes) story.