Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Assistant Gardener

It's now more than ten days ago that I've promised you to show these beautiful moments, well here they come.
Sorry that it took so long, but at the moment I'm also working on Pipke's full life story and it takes much more time than I could estimate.
It's not that I had planned to write something down in a hurry, but after I've read the story of: Wesley the Owl by Stacey O'Brien, I discovered that the part of her full life story that I had written so far was not good enough.
Stacey wrote her story much more detailed. What I had written was in fact rather a superficial story.
Thus: I started again, (for the second time) I adjusted what I had already written, and also supplemented it, and now the story “grows”, it becomes almost a book.
I have to do much research to find the exact dates that the events took place because I want it to be correct.
I am also trying to gather as much pictures and film images to supplement the story and it's a real joy to do that.
In fact, we have so many images to “substantiate” her story that it becomes almost like you are looking at a movie, a non fiction movie.
This is a truth story, and the images will show – that I am fantasizing not one element in her story.
I promise you: adventure in the wild world – labor – laughter – tense and tender moments – explosions – love – sensitivity – joy – tragedy and even escape from hell, all ingredients for a “good” book or/and movie.
I am not going to reveal more but be sure, I haven't told you everything, there are still many surprises. (That's for those who've already read my short story on Jen's blog.)

Obvious, there still lacks “the most important" element! To make a book or a movie successful you need also a “good” writer.
The writer is already busy, trying to become better – if she will become “good” – only the future will tell!
If that will not be the case then: at least she has tried it!:)

Meanwhile, imagine – it's a warm sunny day – you're enjoying the sun – and you are sitting in an easy chair in my garden with your feet up high – while my gardener and his assistant do the job!
Doesn't this sound great?:)
Enjoy the images, images of the time that she was still young, joyful and full of energy.
Wasn't she a good assistant gardener and pest controller?

Of course, this is only a small part of the film.She helped my hubby to mow the whole lawn.

Now I am going to write and enjoy myself, and while I am writing down her story I relive the beautiful times.
It seems almost if she is still here!

PS::) I was naughty and only joking in my earlier post! :):)
Of course: it isn't Summer here right now – and it wasn't also 26°C.
Only on these film pictures it was Summer, warm and sunny.

The reality is:
1. It's here late Fall now, and yes - it was raining very heavy and we had really very gusty weather!
2. We only had some problems with the film pictures!

For the U.S readers: Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Till soon :)


  1. oh i loved the close-ups of hr fluffy little head! she is FAST Fran! when she zipped across the whole yard! pest control lol thats a plus to having a duck! dont get discouraged about writing her life story, i know i would to and a lot of times i feel like i should be writing more. i dont want to forget one second!! do you know what type of duck she is? at first i thought she was pekin like mine but she stands to upright and of course has that fluff on her head! she sure turned your husbands job into something other than a chore!!!!

  2. It was really no chore to work with her in the garden, it was rather entertainment
    Write down as much as you can D.D, you will be very glad that you have done it..
    I'm certainly not going to be discouraged, If it is necessary, I even will start to write again for a third time , it must be good!
    She was a: crested duck D.D, for more info you can Google around it.

  3. Hey Ramey,
    I'm glad to see that you are following my blog.
    Thank you very much!
    I do hope you will call in from time to time.

  4. crested duck, got it. i will look it up. they look so similar...sisters? lol