Friday, March 27, 2009

Changing Plans

Yes, I've decided to change my plan!

As I told you in my first post, my plan was to tell Pipke's story first.

I read and reread the posts that I've already wrote and came to the conclusion that: this would not be the right approach!

I think for an outsider ... it would be very boring if I would talk “only” about Pipke!

I am afraid ... that you should think by yourself: “there she's again with her Pipke”!

And yes, I could understand that very well and I would not blame you if you should think that.

I agree, sometimes it can be toooo much. But she is so close to my heart!

In Dutch there is a proverb that says it so well: waar het hart van vol is, daar loopt de mond van over! ( maybe you can try the translator )!

So ... to avoid this, but also in the interest of my blog: I will take an other course!

And yes, I am interested in so many things: of course animals, but also in wildlife, nature, my favorite sport: running, health, arts, oil paintings, needle work, classical and contemporary music, popular science and all the things with “substance” that matters in life!

I would like to talk about these subjects too because some variation is always good! I must avoid to be boring!

In the mean time I will place some smaller posts.

And of course I will come back later with Pipke's story!

Till soon!


  1. Its uw blog Fran! Doe het de manier u aan wilt. Ill leest wat u post! Im dat zich op het verheugt!!

    I used the translator!! ha ha

  2. I'll read whatever you write no matter what it's about. :)

    Ik lees wat u schrijft, ongeacht wat het onderwerp is.

    I used the translator too!

  3. That made my day!
    I know you both used the translator in “perfect” English, but only Jen's came out correct!
    Maybe I must write so now and then in Dutch, then you can lol!!!
    You see, the translator must still learn a lot!
    Jeannie, I think you said: It's your blog Fran. Do it the way you like. I read what you post.
    I am looking forward to it.
    I am also looking forward to hear again from you both!!!!

  4. I cheated. :) I used the translator, and then translated the Dutch back to English. The English didn't make sense, so I reworded it and tried it again until the Dutch to English translation turned out perfect.

    I know, I'm a crazy perfectionist.

  5. Hey Jen:):)!
    That's what I also do!
    I think you can say that's “not cheating” but trying to improve yourself and so it will be possible to become perfect!!! I must say I only try to use the translator when I am not sure if I am writing correct!
    Well done!!

  6. In fact I must add: for a good sentence structure you can not use the translator, the result of the translator is almost every time messed up! So I built up the sentence myself and I write like I think it must be.
    For one separate word I use a dictionary or the translator, and for the real meaning of a word I use the Oxford dictionary on line