Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Little Sunshine

We have called this film scene: “Dejeuner sur l'herbe” after the painting of E. Manet because we were also sitting on the green and it was such a beautiful sunshiny day. This was in the Summer of 1999 and then she was four years old.

Can you hear her talking to me?
That's not the sound of an “ordinary” duck. People who have pet ducks probably can hear the difference, she developed her own language.

Maybe this needs some explanation for the “new visitors” of my blog.

I found Pipke in an abandoned nest at the moment that she hatched.
She imprinted me as her kind. We tried to introduce her to her family but without success. She never wanted the companion of other ducks, we were her family. Of course, it was not an ideal situation, but we were always there for her.
If I hadn't rescued her in this first moment of her life -- she would never have lived -- now she “has lived” and she was a very lucky duck!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Thanks for your visit!


  1. You are a good momma Fran and Pipke knew a good thing when she saw it :) I'm glad she graced your life.

  2. Oh dear Fran reading your blog has made me cry for your lose. I miss my Max very very much but I know he is with me. Having the 2 little ones to raise has helped but as I believe you would understand these babies do not replace the love I have for my Max. But I Love them as much.
    (((Hugs))) to you

  3. Thanks Old Bookworm and Subtropical.
    I am sorry that I made you cry "Subtropical", or how can I call you?
    I wished that I could have started to tell her story on a happier moment, while she still lived, but it wasn't possible because I was still working on it and it still shall take some time to finish it.
    I promise you the story will bring you also much joy and it will let you smile, we also had happy moments and I will share them too with you!
    It's good that you have those two little ones to care for.
    We both will remember and cherish the good times we had with our beloved pets!

    Max and Pipke! They both will never be forgotten.

    (((Hugs))) to you too!
    Thanks for your visit and be careful for the snakes!

  4. oh what my duck would have done to have that little tuft of fluff like pipkes! lilly is kind of bald back there since when she was young she got picked on. i found you on shantis blog and i am so happy to of found another duck lover!! i also cant wait to read more. i am so sorry that you recently lost little pip, please know that there are people out here thats hearts are hurting for you