Tuesday, June 2, 2009

About: Blah..Blah..Blah!

*Jeannie's last post gave me much substance to reflect on.

Why are we all blogging!!

That's a question I asked myself before I came on blogger.

Why do people blog?

I couldn't understand that someone could have to tell so much...and now... I am doing it myself. What is the purpose off this all? Maybe you also can wonder yourself : why do writers write books, what is their purpose? To tell a story, to share their thoughts with you, to give you their view on the world! Why is there spoken language: to bring over knowledge and that knowledge became the base of written language, and why do we read? I think everyone has a different reason for it. Some do it as entertainment, to learn or to be informed about everything that's going on in the world.

Of course I am not a writer and this is my first blog and it's also the first time in my life that I have written so much! (Except my love letters.)

Why I myself like to blog!

To learn from your experiences and to let you know mine. I think we can always learn from each other. To exchange thoughts and also maybe sometimes to release steam.

To read your story's and to tell you mine. Sometimes it will be “small talk” but it can better be “small talk” than calumny I think.

I have just started this blog and of course “now” I still have fun in it .

I hope that I will have enough inspiration to go on for some time and that I still enjoy blogging when we are a year further. I also hope that you will still be here then and that you still like to read it!

Maybe It will lose the luster that I have now and then I know that it's better to stop because you always must do things with pleasure, you must have fun in it.

I will do my best not to become boring!


This was really bla ... bla ... bla!:) :)

PS: Goodbye Jeannie!

This was a beautiful written farewell!

Have much pleasure in reading!

* Unfortunately Jeannie's blog does no longer exists.


  1. Nice post Fran! The reasons for blogging are many and we must enjoy it or, what is the purpose for doing it?

    I decided to go ahead and keep my blog up but I did delete all of the previous posts so now I have to start over, but that's OK.

    Blogging is a nice way to share our lives and to connect with others. I'm so glad I've met you.

  2. Thanks Jeannie, you made my day!
    I'm also glad that i encountered you! Let's blog...blog... or blah blah..or whatever you call it, let's have fun in it!

  3. We will do that! :)