Monday, April 27, 2009

Will You be My Running Mate?

Yes, will you be my running mate?

Then .....let's run together!
Warming up!
First stretch. Then swing your arms and legs and jump a few times up and down!
Rotate your hips to the right and to the left.
Everything loose?
Are you ready now?
Then...let's start!

No, nooo..... “you” must not run!!
Do you have ten minutes? Then.... take an easy chair, sit down and see “me” running!
Like I've told you before: I run every other day. The circuit that I run now is 6 km and it's a very beautiful parcours.
(Around the age of 45 I ran 20 km and until a few years ago I still ran 9 km .)
I've often thought, I must take pictures of it because I'm no more off the youngest and there will come one day that I can run no longer. That will be very heavy for me because I love running, it's my long life! So ...if I take pictures of my circuit then I still have the beautiful memories on photograph.
I thought also: why shouldn't I share these memories with you. So ....early in the morning I took my camera and went running. I took pictures of the views in order that they appeared between my run, so you can follow my circuit and you also can see what my eyes saw!
I started to run from my home to end there also, so the first and last pictures you see are views of the other side off my house.
There are many pictures, some less interesting than others but for me they are all equally important.
Of course, for you that shall not be the case but this will give you a “good image” of my neighborhood and the Belgian countryside.
As a preview and also to make you curious: here are my three favorites!

Also this I encounter on my running circuit.

On you to decide if you like to see more!

Then: here follows the slideshow  with a selection of my photographs. was the run? Did you enjoy it?
I hope you liked it the view! you understand “why” I love to's not only the running at it self but also to be whole alone in nature and being immersed in it. To hear the birds singing... the rustling of the hear only nature sounds!
Every time I encounter different kinds off new and beautiful scenes as for instance: red squirrels...their color can be so intense red and brown ( I think there are only grey squirrels in the USA!) and pheasants in the corn fields! Then I also can hear the cuckoo calling in the distance and the woodpecker knocking on the trees. But.. there are not only the animals but also sometimes very simple objects....small things ....which becomes almost like a “still life”!
I think I'm going to take photographs more often, I enjoyed it very much!
My life can be so beautiful when I can run!
To run can give you a complete different look on life! I can recommend you to do it also!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Last Year

It was a very early Easter last year and it was still freezing. Like I told you earlier: I run every other day.

That Easter morning, I was running my normal circuit and after a few km. I came on a small woodland with there beside a ditch. At a given moment I saw almost 25 m. in front of me a small animal jumping on the small road, I saw that there was something wrong with it. When I came closer jumped up and fell into the frozen ditch. It was a black bird. It was wet and entirely soaked and it could fly no more. I saw one of its wings was hanging down and It couldn't get out the ditch. Therefore I stepped into the frozen ditch and picked it up. It was so cold and shivering. I opened my runners jacket and kept it close to my body between my sweater to keep it warm, it remained very still. So I went back home walking with the little one close to me and so now and then I caressed it gently.

When I came back home I took some lukewarm water and gave it a bath and now it became more alive. I took the little one and blew it dry with the hairdryer.

That was the second time in my life I did that. The first time I did it with a soft yellow duckling (Pipke) and now I did it with a black bird. They had both things in common they were both in need.

We discovered it was a Jackdaw ( in Dutch: kauw) a very common bird here in Belgium.

I let it rest for a while in a small plastic ice cream box on a soft lining and then I inspected it.

I saw blood on the wing that was hanging down and it seemed not good at all! I saw the wing was broken and you could see the bone in the open wound. The poor thing, what could I do for it.... what is a bird that can't use its wings and can fly no more!

There is a Dutch proverb that says: *het is een vogel voor de kat! It had little change to survive!

I called a bird relief center and they said we could bring it to them. So we took the car and brought the bird towards the center.

There they examined it also and their conclusion was also “not good”! The veterinarian would treat it if he could save it! If it was not possible to save it, then they would take care for it so that it would not have to suffer. He then would give it a lethal injection.

I gave it a last cuddle.... and we went back home with mixed feelings! It made me sad... I wished we could have done more. Now I know ....we did everything we could do !

Two days later we received an email from the relief center with the message that: the poor little thing had died!

As a sign of gratitude for their efforts we donated an amount to the bird relief center and since then we receive every three months a magazine with news about their work.

It's remarkable how many animals in need are brought in there! All types, large and small and it gives me such a “good feeling” know that there are still so many people who love animals and care for them!

All critters great and small....I love them all!

PS:* litteraly translated that means: it's a bird for the cat!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Conversation at the Breakfast Table

Man to his wife: this morning I have read on the Web that women on the “top” these days seems to behave more and more like men! ( With a look on his face that says: that cannot.)

Wife: oh, that's very good!

Man: do you find that!! (very annoyed as if it was an assault towards men)!

Wife: why are you angry when I say that? Are man “that bad” that you see this as a an assault! In fact you as a man, you must see that as a “complement” instead as an assault! If a woman shows her real female kind it's “not good”! Sometimes... you men, can have so much fun telling stupid and belittling jokes about women, and when women show then a little more a male side, then “also that” isn't good! Will it ever be good? I hope that those women will have “balls”!!! They must work much harder than men to get at the top and to stay there.They shall need “ big balls*” .... to survive in the men's world!

Man:.......silence ! (only an ugly look)!

End of the conversation!

PS: *Courage, truculence and decisiveness.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Needle Work From the Past

To day I went to the attic “especially” to take out this piece, very valuable for me, a souvenir, now almost 50 years old.
A little tablecloth! I worked on it together with my mother in law.
I made a small tablecloth, my mother in law made one twice as large. When I had finished mine, I helped her to finish hers. So we spent much time together and I was always looking forward to the Sunday afternoons when we could sit together and do our needle work.

Many years it decorated my drawing room table.
It's made in “cross stitch”!
I think after so many years you still can say it's a very modern pattern. I still like the colors and I always found them very special.
I had so much pleasure in needle work in those days, it was my favorite hobby.
I also made my own dresses like the one on this picture where I was only 16 years old.
I often think back on those days with mixed feelings because my fiancée (now my husband) was at sea and often away from home for long time. So I had much time to do needle work.

Now these days, I do no longer needle work, only small adjustments (on cloths) so now and then.
It's all in the past!
Time flies fast! Much too fast!