Monday, December 7, 2009

What's Sitting in my Christmas Stockings?

There we go again!

Santa Claus is coming, and we all have to go through the New Year's hullabaloo!

Many of you will be already joyful with only the outlook too it, but I am not.

It doesn't make me glad!

I'm one of these people who will be glad that it's all over very soon.

Please, don't understand me wrong. I'm judging nobody! Everyone is free to do what he prefers to do and to make his own choices.

Remember the lyrics of that Dutch song: *Respect, in my earlier post: Respect on a funny manner, “so many people – so many differences”!

If you've missed it, than I advise you to listen to it. (*see blog list November.)

But, maybe I'm getting old …. although, here in Belgium there are also many younger people who do think the same as I do.

Why: because it became all too excessive.

It can't be enough, there's too much of everything.

And while we possess plenty, there are so many people in the world who have nothing.

Therefor, this year I've decided to buy no longer presents to enlarge the garbage dumb.

The heap is already high enough!

There's yet an other reason: sometimes you bought something with the best intention but sometimes it can be that the person who receives it is not pleased with it, of course – we all don't have the same taste!

To prevent also this, from now on: enough fragrances and soaps, no more stupid gadgets which are never going to be used.

What is there then going to sit in my Christmas stockings?

These are the presents that I've bought:

1. A set of cooking pans: oh, oh, I hope my stocking will be large enough.

2. A little goat: oei, oei... for this I even need a larger stocking!

3. This is going to be a real problem, maybe this is a little too large for my stocking: a toilet and a washbasin!

And at last:

4. A fishing net: I hope my stocking will be very elastic!

I can imagine that you are now all thinking: “about what is she gibbering now”?

No, no ... I am not joking, I am serious, I am talking about: OXFAM

I am going to donate these presents to people who can use some help and who will be extremely happy with it.

For them, these presents can change their lives completely, and I am going to have a good feeling to know this.

I'd hope that the goat will have a long and beautiful life and that she will give a lot of milk to feed the young children – that the cooking pans may contain many healthy and tasteful good meals –

that the toilets may flush many times and that the washbasin will receive plentiful fresh water.

I also hope that the fishing nets may encounter many fish, although ... for the fish … this will be a less pleasurable experience.

If you have no idea what to buy as Christmas presents, maybe this can inspire you, also you can bring a change in the life of someone less fortunate!

My hubby and me, we are going to have a subdued Christmas and New Year's time, unpretentious – without overloaded stomachs or artificial cheerfulness. We are not yet in the mood to be cheerful, but – the knowledge that the money we've spend on “our” presents wasn't wasted – will cheer us up a little.

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year's time, on your own way!

Have fun, sincere fun – and don't get an overloaded stomach!:)

PS: “Santa Claus” is in fact something that we don't know here in my country, but we have a: “Sinter Klaas” (that's a kind of Santa Claus).

He visits the children on December 6. His helper is called: “*Zwarte Piet”, he always carries with him a large jute sack, and if the children have been naughty – as punishment – *he puts them in the sack! :)

This is an action of Oxfam that runs here in my country: I don't know if the same action runs also abroad.

You can choose among several presents which variates in prices, it starts already from 5 euro.

The most expensive presents are: a cow 146 euro (or 219 dollar), and a beehive, 150 euro (or 225 dollar).

Till soon.


  1. That is a good idea!

    Wishing you all the best and a peaceful, enjoyable - if not joyous - time.

  2. I think that is an excellent idea Fran! At first I thought you and your hubby had bought a goat for your yard--ha ha! Merry Christmas to you both.

  3. Fran,
    I think it's wonderful that you are sending gifts to people in such need. OXFAM is great! You're doing a wonderful thing for Christmas.

  4. Thanks for the comments.
    I want to add that also I don't want to get presents, only small things as for instance: sweets, or so are allowed.