Saturday, October 31, 2009


In my previous post "UBUNTU" I wrote an update because there happened something very weird that we didn't trust.

Only a few hours later, after I had published that post, I was working on my Apple Mac Book and I was reading blogs.

While I was searching in the field: "next blog", on the left side on top of my blog, suddenly, instead that I came on a “next blog”, I received a message from a virus-scanner that my Win. operating system was infected.

How is that possible! I work with Apple and I receive a warning for an other operating system than where I work with.

Very strange!

We could not close that message, we were blocked. They gave us only one possibility, accept the offer to install it, which means: to buy it. Of course we wouldn't do that.

Because my husband didn't trust this at all, he Googled on it on our other computer and found out that it was: Malware!

He decided to give the computer a restart. Thereafter the computer worked again as normal.

This was something we never had experienced before.

Therefore we are now very suspicious: I only “once” mentioned the name of the operating system of our other computer on my Apple, and I get malware.

You can't even trust blogs. They present themselves as a blog, but they aren't, they are “hackers”, who try to sell a program and/or cause problems.

In what a world do we live! Who can we still trust!

Is this paranoia or am I only just precocious?

PS: I hope that this explanation was not too ridiculous, I don't know that much about computers and I am also not so familiar with computer language (still learning).

I only wanted to warn you.


  1. It pays to be careful. But that's the first I've heard about another blog causing a problem. I hope all is well now!

  2. Everything is okay now Jeannie. I think that these malicious blogs hide theselves in the field: next blog, so It's easy to intrude.
    Of course I will be careful now, and now I now what to do
    when I encounter them again.

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    your spelling and grammer are better than mine, you are really good! i am sorry about MINE!!hope it isnt to hard to understand. goodbye and talk to you later.

  4. Thanks for the info D. Duck, it was also interested to see the YouTube films.
    About my spelling and grammar, thanks for the compliment!
    I understand you very well.
    I have a good blogger friend Jeannie, once she had a blog and this was her blog banner:

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    This text encouraged me to go further with my blog! I will sing my song in the background, a good choir "needs" background singers!:):)

    Sing your song too D. Duck!!

  5. Yes Jeannie, I still do remember your old blog banner!:):)

  6. Ah Fran, you were inspired? That is awesome! That goes to show you that we all impact each other in many ways.

    xoxo Jeannie

  7. Yes Jeannie, you inspired me. I had to look up what "xoxo" means and so I am learning every day! Thank you very much:):) and xoxo for you too!