Saturday, April 4, 2009

Conversation at the Breakfast Table

Man to his wife: this morning I have read on the Web that women on the “top” these days seems to behave more and more like men! ( With a look on his face that says: that cannot.)

Wife: oh, that's very good!

Man: do you find that!! (very annoyed as if it was an assault towards men)!

Wife: why are you angry when I say that? Are man “that bad” that you see this as a an assault! In fact you as a man, you must see that as a “complement” instead as an assault! If a woman shows her real female kind it's “not good”! Sometimes... you men, can have so much fun telling stupid and belittling jokes about women, and when women show then a little more a male side, then “also that” isn't good! Will it ever be good? I hope that those women will have “balls”!!! They must work much harder than men to get at the top and to stay there.They shall need “ big balls*” .... to survive in the men's world!

Man:.......silence ! (only an ugly look)!

End of the conversation!

PS: *Courage, truculence and decisiveness.


  1. Fran, I think you're right that many men still feel this way. And many men of my generation won't admit that they feel this way, but their actions reflect that they do. Fortunately, I think there are some men who do not feel this way.

    I hope!

  2. I can't think of one man that I know who doesn't feel this way. Men will say do what you want...that's fine with me...go for it...good for you, etc.

    But when you do they get all shook up. I've even been 'torpedoed' for trying to do that. Or told I wasn't doing right by my family. Or that I should remember my place and let the man be the head of the household or that I'm intimidating.

    It's not easy being a woman who can think and walk and talk, all at the same time and not be a threat to a man.

    I don't necessarily want to have balls though. I just want to be able to have a life that I choose for myself. Do I have to have balls to do that? :)

  3. Jen, that must have felt as a slap in the face of the “good men”! I offer my apology to them! fact ...i spoke about the majority. Of course there “are” men who see women as their equal and “they too” have to fight a battle. The machos see them as a treat to their dominance. They have to endure to be ridiculed and they encounter many pity looks of the majority.
    For me they are “hero's”!
    I hope you will encounter such a hero Jen!

    Jeannie, I recognize your's all right as long you are a poppet on a string!
    Since I have read the book : The female brain by Louann Brizendine, I have chanced a lot. It gave me more self confidence and now I feel more self assured.
    You must know before I read that book I had doubts about myself, I always asked myself: am I a good woman when I think more to myself!
    And now, when I think back I find that I was in fact “stupid”! I had to think more to myself, but that's the difference between women and men. Women are not selfish , it begins very early, already before we are born in the whom! The female brain develops I a whole different way as the mens brain!
    I can recommend you to read that book! It will explain a lot and it will give you comfort!

    Now I come up more fore myself, I even speak out loud.... very loud!
    In Dutch there is an adverb that says: blaffende honden bijten niet! And yes ...I bark, but I think it's always better to bark than to run away with your tail between your legs. I show them my thees now and maybe they have now a “little more” respect for me, but...I am not an evil dog, I shall not bite!

    So Jeannie, bark so now and then it will do you good !

  4. I agree! We must stand up for ourselves because no one else will. :)

    Women must be strong to survive and show the way to those who come behind us.