Friday, October 23, 2009

True Love!

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words", so I don't have to use many words. These images show how close our bond was.

This was our normal early morning ritual and the first thing we did after she entered the laundry room.
She really enjoyed it, she couldn't get enough of it. If my husband then came too close to us while we cuddled she became angry. My husband had to be carefull or she picked him in the nose, or she attacked him. Of course it wasn't a violent attack, but sometimes she squeezed his skin so hard that he had contusions.
She then could be very proud when he backed off. It seemed as if she saw this as a victory. As long as he stayed in the neighborhood she kept an eye at him!

This scene makes me happy again, happy... because we had the privilege to may have known her.
It was a beautiful time.
I wonder if there is someone else who had also such a close bond with a duck? 
If that's the case, please let me know. I would be grateful!

She was such a little darling.
I hope you've enjoyed this beautiful memory!


  1. How very precious Fran! Yes, that's a beautiful memory!! :)

  2. I am really upset to read all about your loss, Fran. I know just how much she meant to you. How wonderful, 'though, that we can have such friendship and pleasure from animals. Lots of very happy memories, I'm sure. Johnson

  3. I am glad that we have so many film pictures of her, it feels so good to see them Jeannie.

    Thanks for your first visit to my blog Johnson.
    I do hope you will call in from time to time.
    Take care for your She-dog and Barney!
    You really know what they meant for you when they are no longer there.

  4. She is beautiful! I am so sorry to hear she passed on, but what a wonderful life she had with you. Very sweet to see her snuggling with you. I have a few ducks who do this as well. Thank you for visiting my blog. I will share a link to your blog on mine.

  5. Thanks for your visit Mr Flapper Duck!
    Very kind of you to share a link to my blog on yours.
    I will folow your blog!

  6. oh i love this! so sweet! no Fran you are not alone, last night my duck slept on my bed with me(in diapers). it is so nice to see others with such a close bond also. it is lonely.

  7. Hey dirtyduck!
    I am pleased to meet you!
    It's wonderful to know that also you have such a close bond with your pet duck.
    Yours wear diapers!
    I have recently read about it in an other blog, but that was the first time that I heard about it. Before I didn't knew that this existed.
    We always kept Pipke outside. When it was freezing in the morning , we let her sleep sometimes under my chair in the kitchen (her favorite spot, on a synthetic grass mat) while we had our breakfast. Sometimes she also slept in the laundry room next to the sink but she only wanted to stay there when it was really cold or when she was ill. She preferred to sleep in her dogs nest outside during the day, and in the evening she wanted to sleep in her pen on her pond.