Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Greetings from Belgium!

Today I wrote in a comment to Jeannie that the sun was shining here.
We used this occasion to visit our favorite spot. I will tell you more about this spot in an other post.
It's an hotel/ restaurant/ bistro with a very large beautiful garden in the middle of nature.
This photograph was taken there this afternoon and whereas that happened ...I was thinking on: *Jeannie, who's gasping for sun right now... on *Jen, who went kayaking and I also thought on *Danger Panda, who's probably back home now after her Esperanto adventure.

I wave to all of you!
Herewith... I send you greetings from Belgium!

PS: at this moment this picture is exact 2 hours old.
*** They are bloggerfiends.


  1. Thank you Fran!

    I LOVE IT!!!! And aren't you pretty with sunshine on your hair!

    What a sweetheart you are!

    I'm waving hello back to you!

  2. Thanks Jeannie very kind of you! We had a very beautiful day here.
    I hope that the sun is shining now in Evergreen!
    You are also a sweetheart!

    Dikke knuffel!:)