Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Good News

Pipke is ill again!

She has again the same problems.

It looks like we are sitting in a “roller coaster” with Pipke's health!

The tops are no longer high, the valleys go much deeper and it goes faster and faster!

Again we had to go to the veterinarian, I will spare you the details because her situation is very bad.

It seems almost hopeless, and if she recover this time it will be a miracle. We do all we can to comfort her.....we cannot give up hope!

I have the first part of her story ready (already more then two weeks). I have written it with a relieved feeling and with so much pleasure when I was looking at her pictures, but when she became ill again....... I lost the courage to publish it.

Now I am writing this with tears in my eyes, but I will continue her story!

Will follow soon!


  1. Fran, I had to come and visit you and your sweet Pipke. Caring for animals, the lost and unloved is very close to my heart. Someone has to do it and it starts with ourselves wherever we are. I do hope Pipke is able to get on for awhile longer to bring continued joy to your life. What an honor to be her Mama.

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  3. Thank you Jeannie for paying a visit to my blog!
    At the moment Pipke is OK, that means, she is eating again but she is still to much underweight.
    We try to be with her as much as we can and we enjoy and nourish the time we still have together!

    But..... how are you doing. I followed your comments on Jen's blog! Since then I am thinking a lot on you. I hope you are feeling better now!

    How......I just went to your blog and saw your last post!
    That must be disappointed! But you can do it!! Look at me...i am 66 and “just” started to learn to work with the computer! That...was already a whole performance for me!
    “Why “: I think I am going to write a post about that “why”on my blog.
    I hope there soon will follow a plan B!

    Chin up can do it!!