Friday, August 15, 2014

September ... When It Comes.

Today, here in Belgium it's Mother's Day, and it's a gray and rainy day.
It's like they say here: "it's Belgian weather". It's pouring rain! 
We're now half August and September comes closer.
September .... the month that includes so many memorable dates to me!
It makes me silent.
In September - now 52 years ago: I got married. 
In September - now 50 years ago: my son was born. 
In September this year: it will be already 5 years ago - since Pipke died.

- So I suppose you can imagine - 
last week on the car radio, that I can't get rid of the song.

Ever since it keeps haunting me. 
Especially the corresponding images on the YouTube film gives me shivers. 
You see a lifetime passing!
It makes me aware that life is short and that my life could have been so very very different.

September when it comes .........