Friday, March 27, 2009

Changing Plans

Yes, I've decided to change my plan!

As I told you in my first post, my plan was to tell Pipke's story first.

I read and reread the posts that I've already wrote and came to the conclusion that: this would not be the right approach!

I think for an outsider ... it would be very boring if I would talk “only” about Pipke!

I am afraid ... that you should think by yourself: “there she's again with her Pipke”!

And yes, I could understand that very well and I would not blame you if you should think that.

I agree, sometimes it can be toooo much. But she is so close to my heart!

In Dutch there is a proverb that says it so well: waar het hart van vol is, daar loopt de mond van over! ( maybe you can try the translator )!

So ... to avoid this, but also in the interest of my blog: I will take an other course!

And yes, I am interested in so many things: of course animals, but also in wildlife, nature, my favorite sport: running, health, arts, oil paintings, needle work, classical and contemporary music, popular science and all the things with “substance” that matters in life!

I would like to talk about these subjects too because some variation is always good! I must avoid to be boring!

In the mean time I will place some smaller posts.

And of course I will come back later with Pipke's story!

Till soon!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time for a Funny Note!

I think now it's time for a funny note after all my bad news and I think ... no ... I even know that there are a few people on the blog that can use a funny note right now!
This is something I like to share with you! It's already a few years old and I kept it because it's so appropriate especially in my case! :)
I hope it can brighten your day!
Postscript: the text balloons are originally in Dutch. I have cut them out and gave them the English translations. It was not easy to find a correct translation!

In the head roll
Pipke as the duck.
My hubby as Hagar - Me as Hagar's wife.

Click to enlarge picture.
Correction: of course it must be "are you spying ON me"!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Good News

Pipke is ill again!

She has again the same problems.

It looks like we are sitting in a “roller coaster” with Pipke's health!

The tops are no longer high, the valleys go much deeper and it goes faster and faster!

Again we had to go to the veterinarian, I will spare you the details because her situation is very bad.

It seems almost hopeless, and if she recover this time it will be a miracle. We do all we can to comfort her.....we cannot give up hope!

I have the first part of her story ready (already more then two weeks). I have written it with a relieved feeling and with so much pleasure when I was looking at her pictures, but when she became ill again....... I lost the courage to publish it.

Now I am writing this with tears in my eyes, but I will continue her story!

Will follow soon!