Thursday, August 26, 2010

Justice is Done!

In case you didn't know this already.

Dog abuser denied parole as pit bull Louis Vuitton attends hearing.

Not to comprehend that someone can be so cruel.
This man really deserves this sentence.
That this may be a warning to future abusers!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Memorable Image

Exact one year ago – at this very hour – this picture was taken.
This was at the day that Pipke began to deteriorate very fast.
This would become her very last fight.

I'm going through a tough time!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

To a Dear Blogger Friend

I hope that you will discover this post, it's intended for you!
And who are you?
Well – in the interest of your privacy – I will not name names. I won't even use the capital of your name, but when I tell you that you've sent me first a mail on January 19 this year – and thereafter we've both exchanged emails – and that your last mail dates from May the 6th – than you know to whom I dedicate this post.
Yes – to you dear friend!
I didn't want to mail you again because I didn't want to give you the impression that I'm stalking you, that's not at all the case.
No – I'm worried – because it has been a while since I've heard from you.
In your last mail you've told me that you have health problems.
I've often thought of you and now I wonder: how are you doing right now?
I really do hope that your health has improved and that you are feeling better.
I don't know if (but I hope that) you are still following my blogs – so if this is the case then I hope you enjoy Pipke's life story.
You once asked me: “Are we two of a kind with the love of our dear animal friends”.
I'm really convinced of it dear friend.
It's now ten months ago since your beloved pet died.
I really do hope you've got over the loss .
I know and experience that it isn't easy – but let us both remember the happy times we shared with them. Let us both cherish their memory and so let them live on.
I also hope your two new pets are doing well!
If I'm correct then they now must be nine months old.
Actually, now that I've known Pipke, I know what a treat some people who never experience the love of an animal are missing. Animals can be some of the best friends a person could ever have.
I hope your new best friends will bring much joy into your life!

If you aren't feeling better yet than I hope that this can help a little!

Especially for you.

Please – don't feel obligated to answer!
No, I haven't written this post with this intention.
Just let me hear from you “if" you feel the need, whenever, or when you feel the time is ripe for it.

I just wanted to encourage you and give you some support.
Know that – far away – there's someone thinking of you!
I hope that I've succeeded to cheer you up a little.

I still wish you the very best!
Warm hugs

I really do hope that you've read this!

PS: to my other readers and followers.
If you don't feel good – then of course – this message is also intended to you.
If you're already feeling good – then I'm glad for you!:)
Hugs to you all.