Friday, February 14, 2014

Laura Pausini: One of My Favorites

On Sunday, February the second - I attended a performance of Laura Pausini, my son's favorite Italian female singer.
It was an exceptional experience but I must add that it was also a little a disappointment.
Why: well if you listen to a CD then the volume between the voice of the singer and the volume of the music instruments is more in balance. During such a concert it seems as if only the volume of the music instruments counts.
I find it such a pity because you almost can't understand the lyrics of the song.
The special effects and dance acts made it more attractive but in my eyes it could have been perfect if the volume wasn't so enormously loud.
You maybe know already I have hearing problems and even without my hearing aids I had to put my fingers in my ears because I couldn't endure the volume.
Probably - no almost certainly I'm getting old folks – although! Wait a minute, I do remember that I've seen also younger persons with their fingers in their ears.
I wonder why the organizers prefer to set the sound so loud. The members of the performing group - they almost all - sooner or later - get hearing problems even with protective ear caps.
I personally know a young guy who's hearing got badly damaged by only one loudly concert of the group AC/DC.
Since he attended that particular concert he now always hears a whistling noise in the background.
Unfortunately for him - there exist no treatment to resolve this problem.
For the rest of his live he has to live with it, and sometimes the noise can make him really crazy. He also has problems to understand a normal conversation well because of the disturbing beeping noise dominates.
Therefor - be warned folks: when you want to attend a concert prepare yourself. 
Buy protective ear caps and – wear them.

(Actually - in hindsight - I better had prepared myself but - I'd underestimated that it would give such a problem for me, because I don't hear so well when I'm not wearing my hearing aids.)
So - know that every little bit too much sound can cause troubles for you later. 

To close this warning post: if you don't know Laura Pausini jet, here's one of my favorite songs of her. 
La Solitudine (Loneliness) 

On this link you can find a the version with an adaptation of the Italian lyrics in English

Enjoy the music – and on this Valentine day ... let your dear one know you care about them!
You will never regret it if you've said it too often - but  - most important "also proof it" !

Have a great Valentine Day!