Sunday, February 8, 2009

Through the Eye of the Needle

The last two weeks we went through the “worst” weeks in Pipke's life so far!

Like I told you in the last post, she refused to eat! It's now the tenth year that she has that same problem, twice a year (last year it was even three times).

She barely could stand on her tiny feet and lost all the weight she gained last time.

The other times that she was ill, we always went to the vet for probe feeding, but we are not eager to do that because that's every time such a heavy load for her!

It always seemed that she had a problem with swallowing and because of that the vet always started with probe feeding.

This time we thought: we do the grains in a cutter and crush them, but also now she had a problem to swallow them. Because that didn't work, I pulverized them and pressed them through a sift! Now it was almost like a powder and guess what.... when we presented this to her, she had some interest in it.

Every two hours (sometimes even more) we took her inside the house in the laundry room to give her this powder in lukewarm water.

So she started to eat again, every time a little more, she lost no more weight and at the moment she is stable but still much too skinny.

Sometimes she takes a grain by herself and that's a good sign.

I think next time I can continue her story with a “relieved” feeling!

Till next time

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