Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time for a Funny Note!

I think now it's time for a funny note after all my bad news and I think ... no ... I even know that there are a few people on the blog that can use a funny note right now!
This is something I like to share with you! It's already a few years old and I kept it because it's so appropriate especially in my case! :)
I hope it can brighten your day!
Postscript: the text balloons are originally in Dutch. I have cut them out and gave them the English translations. It was not easy to find a correct translation!

In the head roll
Pipke as the duck.
My hubby as Hagar - Me as Hagar's wife.

Click to enlarge picture.
Correction: of course it must be "are you spying ON me"!


  1. My result on Babelfish translation!!!! Ha ha ha!

    Zal ik je een lunchpakket meegeven?
    I will give a lunch parcel you?

    Again a funny note!!!