Monday, May 25, 2009

A Wish Fulfilled!

Three months ago we made a wish and now that wish became reality!

It seemed almost an impossible wish at that time, but today we are celebrating Pipke's 14th birthday.

Often we feared to lose her but every time she pulled through. At the moment she's not recuperated entirely, but the main thing is that she's still among us.

She's now a real “old lady” like you can see on this picture taken on January the 26th 2009.

She can't walk so well and she wants to swim no longer when it's cold. She's also not eager to go to and in her small pond because she has a problem to get out of it and sometimes we must help her. She has lost the force in her muscles to do that herself. She also has lost many feathers and she's no longer waterproof. She's always outdoors and most of the day she sleeps in her little dog's nest beside our back door and when the weather isn't good (and also at night) we turn on the warmth lamp.

When we are working in the garden she still ”helps” us although no longer so much as before! She still likes to fight with my husband and can be sometimes very cheerful. She enjoys to walk in the garden lying in my arms, she's still my little cuddlier.
We enjoy every minute we are together with her!

I think I mustn't tell you “what” my next wish will be!!!!

We are so happy that we “can” celebrate your birthday Pipke!!

These three pictures were taken this morning!

PS:This is something I still like to tell you because it touched me so!

Yesterday evening there came a beautiful Dutch song on TV. One little sentence is still hanging around in my head because it's in fact on the one hand a little cruel to say it, but on the other hand so very true.

These are the words:

Sometimes It's better to lose something beautiful, better to lose it... than to have never had it!

My dear sweet Pipke!


  1. What a sweet little thing Pipke is Fran. She still has an interest in life--good for her--and good for you that you get to enjoy and love her longer than you had hoped. Each day you have her is a gift. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Pipke! What a wonder-duck she is. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks for your visit Kristy ( i believe)! How are the kittens and is mother cat a good barn guard?