Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Very Intriguing Subject

The Human Brain.

As you know I'm not a real book reader and you know *why. I prefer to read about various topics in magazines and I especially like the columns.
This week I've read an article in my weekly magazine (I don't want to make publicity so I won't tell names). I only can tell you that it's a magazine with all kind of interesting articles. It goes from easy subjects such as sports to, arts, politics, knowledge, culture, economy, medical science etc.
On this last subject I've read a very interesting interview with the american neurologist Kent Kiehl. The subject was: Psychopaths.
It's a pity, but I can't find the same text of the interview for you translated in English.

It gives a whole other view on this kind of criminals, and now they really know for sure – and they even can proof – that their brains don't function like normal people. Probably they will never be in the possibility to cure those sick minds. How to deal with them will be a very difficult and precarious point.
In the interview – Hare, a colleague of Kent Kiehl says: they understand the rules and the usual meaning of the terms "good" or "wrong", therefore they can be held accountable for their actions. He compares psychopaths with color blinds. He says: a color blind which stands in front of a red traffic light doesn't recognize the color – but he knows that the upper light is burning.

Actually it's not easy for me to describe the interview, so I better leave it to the experts to explain it to you. If you are really interested to know more about it than I invite you to see on this link.
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The human brain is something that has always intrigued me.
We humans are privileged to have such well developed brains. Unfortunately there can go so much wrong with it and the people who have these abnormalities don't want, or often can't see their handicap. It's also so that mostly they can't help the way they are because of the malfunction.
They have a sick mind, so – how must they treat them? Do they deserve the dead sentence?
Will they ever find a cure to heal them?
In the interest of society – I do hope they will ever succeed in it.

The human brain is fascinating!
I hope it could captivate you.

PS: *Why: see here.


  1. yes...i work as a tech in the neurology field and the brain is an AMAZING thing!!
    who knows what amazing things we will discover in the near future...hopefully soon for all that need it

  2. yeah, scary, in that this may really mean there is no "cure". -sigh-

  3. You're working in the medical field, that must be very interesting! If I could live my life again I chose to study something in the medical field. Thanks for the hugs Tabitha.

    Will our children and society ever be safe with so many sick minds in our world. It Seems almost hopless. Very deep sigh Ter-O-fla!

    Thanks for your comments!:)