Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Problem Solved


Wouldn't that be great if that was possible.

Yesterday I wrote the post about the problems with publishing pictures with the thought that It would take some time before I could solve the problem but it was much easier than I thought.

Actually if you know what and how to do it – then “afterwards” it's of course always easy. Thanks to the “blog-doctor” I could correct the errors very quick. It's so simple to do folks. Now the pictures always drop at the right place, with the possibility to enlarge them and there occur no more empty spaces in between.

Actually it often frightens people (thus also me) to work with things that they (or I) don't know, and working with the HTLM codes really doesn't seems easy, it really puts me off to do something wrong.

But I think if I don't try new things then I will never proceed and improve, and although I'm old I'm still eager to learn.

So – if you want to know more about it, I have written a very simplified “how to” about it.

(So simple that even I understand it:):).LOL)

Just ask me if you are interested in it, then I will explain it in a very easy way.

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