Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh oh, I'm breaking my Head!

Again I have problems with placing the images, and this time in the new post of Pipke's life story. This time I can't enlarge them.

And – oh oh, now I discovered what goes wrong.

Because I have to publish so many pictures in one post and I also have to place them between the text at the exact place, I must drag them and thereafter drop them there where I want to place them and that's the problem. "Dragging and dropping", It breaks the HTLM code of the picture.

I'm trying to correct it. I found some advise on the site below.

Maybe it can also help you if you have problems.

To find the correct page there click on: CLOSEST MATCH.

I will adjust the new post in Pipke's life story as soon as possible, at least if I'm capable to understand what to do.

First I must study the text from the blog-doctor very thoroughly. I hope I will succeed in it.

Wish me good luck I would say!


  1. i think you put too much pressure for perfection upon yourself missy :)
    i think your posts are always've seen mine :)

  2. I'm glad I'm not blogging anymore and having to deal with stuff. It's better if you can relax with it and not fight it!! :)

  3. Tabitha, Maybe you are right! I must say, sometimes it isn't easy to have this inclination, (maybe nature is a better word in this case). Although now that I grew old I'm less perfectionist than when I was young. But that's the way I am, too old to change that!:) Actually, I enjoy it and that's what counts.

    Do you really mean it that you had enough of blogging Jeannie. You had such lovely blogs, you published almost every day and your posts were always perfect. You even changed your layouts several times. I thought you never had problems with your blogs. In fact I still see it as a challenge. Two years ago I knew nothing about Internet, I couldn't even work with the computer. It was also almost 45 years ago that I touched a typewriter (in this case a keyboard of course). Of course there sometimes can occur a problem, but a problem can be solved. Of course it's best that it takes not too long, otherwise one becomes frustrated.:)