Friday, July 23, 2010

I've Updated my Blog

Actually I got this idea because sometimes I read other blogs with lots of interesting topics and I find it a pity that mostly you can only see their recent posts. If you don't dig deeper into the blog you will never know what they have written in the past, you will never meet the stories that might interest you.

Because I wouldn't like that my stories from the past would go lost or would disappear into thin air, but also for making the older stories of my blog more accessible to my readers I've made an adjustment as you can see below the posts.

I've placed a link within a link.

I find this a good widget, because so maybe also casual readers will be interested in what I have written in the past.

For the readers or followers who've missed some posts in the past or if you're dropping in for the first time, I hope you can find a subject that can captivate you.

Many topics to choose from, I think.

Enjoy reading!

PS: Oh oh, I see often the same posts on the links. That's something I can't determine myself folks!


  1. oooh fran--very good job re-organizing!
    i love how you've done it all!
    someday if i have the time an inspiration i would like to do the same are so right about being able to easily find past stories!

    ps--and of course thanks for including waylon :) big hugs!

  2. I've done it with much pleasure Thabitha! Waylon also belongs to this place. He was also a beloved pet.
    Thanks for the compliment!:)
    Hugs too!