Friday, July 16, 2010

The Place of the Scary Experience

I would like to show you pictures of the place where “it” happened the day before yesterday.
I show them to you to give you an idea of this area.

I couldn't find so much information in English, so I've translated a little part of what I found for you. The little cottage or little farm is called: Boshuisje. Literally translated: “little house in the wood”.

It's located and hidden in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve called: Zoerselbos. It's over 400 hectares wide. It has unexpected hiking and biking opportunities and a colorful variety shows of forests, meadows and fields. Very special is the protected brook the Tappelbeek, a medieval irrigation system. Typical are the meadow creeks, also a medieval agricultural system developed and improved over the centuries by the Cistercians (monks). Rare flora and fauna await discovery in an area that formed the backdrop for the conscripts, a werewolf and the gang of Zoerselbos from the books of the Flemish writer Hendrik Conscience.

Halfway in the 19th century (around 1833) Hendrik Conscience, the man who learnt his people read, regularly visited this area and the Loteling told him his story in this Boshuisje.

They say to be careful, because if what the elderly are saying is true, there is still a werewolf roaming about..:):)

Ha ha actually, I'd almost believe it!

There was more info, but actually it was too difficult to describe it to you and to translate it because they talk about so many local things which you probably don't know.

Therefore – I better show you the images, I think they speak for themselves.


The interior

The terrace in the backyard of the Boshuisje where we had our lunch.

The couple was lunching under the umbrella far too the right, while the horses were grazing there outside, tied to the pole, just behind the hedge.

We had lunched under the umbrella left of them.

We had much luck, we went out through the gate there only a few minutes before the horse stampeded through this gate.

This -- just in case you want to know the direction towards the North Sea!:)

I regret that I couldn't find larger pictures of the forest and the environment. If I still find something better I will show it.


As an encore: I just discovered these larger images, and I think they will give you a better impression.

The rules of Zoerselbos.

I know – it isn't so spectacular, but this is the simple countryside in Belgium in the *Kempen
*that's how the arae around Zoerselbos is called.
We're living in a very small country, so everything's in proportion.
Don't you agree that something small can also be beatifull?

Thank you for visiting the Belgian countryside.

See you!

Of course...... if the werewolf is no longer roaming about.:):)


  1. I think it's beautiful! I'd love to sit and have coffee in the little cottage cafe with you :) Then walk my legs off...LOL

  2. Coffee with sugar and cream of course, and what would you think about a real Belgian waffle with whipped cream!:)
    This would be a much easier walk than walking in the montains Jeannie!