Thursday, November 12, 2009

RESPECT in a Funny Manner

I want to invite you to listen to this Dutch song so you can hear how Dutch sounds.
Probably you won't understand this but I will, or at least I shall try -- to translate the most important sentences for you.
I chose this particular song not only, because the lyrics and the melody are so funny, but also because the text is so meaning full. I find the refrain very sensitive.
Before you click on the link I advise you to read the lyrics (see under in this post) first so you will know what it's all about.

The title of the song is: REPECT the singer-songwriter is Pieter Embrechts (a Belgian). The name of his group is: (don't laugh)
The Embryo's.

I know this song already several years, but now it has a special meaning for me and it will keep up with me for the rest of my days.
Why, maybe you can guess it, it has to do with Pipke.
They played this song on the car radio (on September 8, 2009) while we drove with Pipke for one of the last times to the vet. It was the very last beautiful warm and sunshiny day of September. That day my hubby refreshed the water of her pond for the last time and together we cherished the last sunbeams!

In fact it's difficult to understand poetry in an other language, and of course it doesn't rhyme at all in English, but in Dutch it sounds not only  beautiful and oh so simple but also funny!
Everything is said in “these* few sentences”. If you are not interested in the Dutch text then just listen to the song.

Here follows the translation, I hope that you can follow.
sommige mensen houden van lasagna
some people like lasagna
andere mensen dan weer niet
then other people don't
sommige mensen drinken graag champagne
some people like to drink champagne
andere mensen ne Fristi
other people prefere Fristi (a fruit and milk drink)
sommige mensen poetsen hun tanden
some people brush their teeth
sommige mensen dan weer niet
then other people don't
sommige mensen eten met hun handen
some people eat with their hands
andere mensen dan weer niet
then other people don't

sommige mannen zijn zwaar geschapen
some men are build heavy (have big testis:):)
andere schapen hebben weinig wol
other sheep don't have much wool
sommige mensen gebruiken geen WC papier
some people don't use toilet paper :)
voor sommige mensen speelt dat gene rol
for some people it doesn't matter

sommige dames dragen een hoofddoek
some ladies wear a kerchief
andere madammen dan weer niet
then other ladies don't
sommige mannen dragen nooit een onderbroek
some men never wear underpants :)
het gaat dus niet altijd om wat ge ziet
it doesn't goes always about what you see
zoveel mensen, zoveel wensen en zo veel verschillen
*so many people …. so many wishes and so
many differences
zoveel mensen die vanbinnen toch hetzelfde willen
*so many people …. and they all want deep
inside the same

warme dagen in de zon *warm days in the sun,
dat het eeuwig duren mag *that it may last eternal
en als ik u tegenkom *and when I encounter you
doe ik u een goede dag *then I greet you
This was only the first strophe and the refrain of the song, and although it becomes even funnier, I will make it short (to avoid that it will become boring), so l give you only the translation of the third (and most important) strophe.

have I, what I know found out myself
have I, what I say discovered myself
or do I repeat what everyone foretells me
and do I have respect for someone else

The essential point of the song is that: in fact we are all so different … but finally, we all want the same, that beautiful things could last for always, we all want to be happy.
Happiness has all to do with respect, be respectful for nature and all that lives, respect is a way to happiness.
Be happy!

**Warm days in the sun.... that it had might to continue to last for always!
Unfortunately …

I hope that you enjoyed the song, that it could make you laugh, and also that it incited you to reflect on it.

PS: I also hope that my conjugations are correct, especially the last sentences were very tricky for me.(:
**In Dutch it is: warme dagen in de zon.... dat het voor altijd had mogen blijven duren.
Maybe you can use the translator for the Dutch text, tell me later if you could make something out of it.

Till next time: probably I'll show you then my “two gardeners” in full action.


  1. Too funny! Couldn't understand one thing but still had a giggle :)

  2. read the lyrics but dont have speakers on my computer, silly, cute and fun!

  3. It's unfortunate that you don't have speakers D.D.!
    So you also can't hear Pipke talking "Quacks"!:):)