Friday, January 10, 2014

Die in Peace

Although this is not such cheerful subject to start this new year, I first want to wish you all a healthy and happy New Year. 
Don't see this as being disrespectful towards the deceased whereof I speak here, but that's the way how life goes.
Happiness and misfortune lies close to each other. 
Things never happen at the right time and for some of us sometimes much too soon.
A few days before the end of 2013, someone I knew has passed away.
I learned to know her long time ago, at the time that we both were twenties. The last 30 years we had no more contact.
She and I - we both had our own lives. She was only one year older than me.
You have to know people: her dead not only makes me sad, but it also gives me a "sour" feeling because - even though she's gone now - I envy her! 
She had a dedicated partner who has remained faithful by her side.
He cared for her for many years and assisted her in the most difficult moments in her life - and she had many.
He was there for her when she needed him. She could always count on him.

Now she could close her eyes with the knowledge that her partner loved her immensely.
Can you imagine yourself a more beautiful death?

At such a time, to have standing someone on your side who has gone to the limit for you, it must make passing away less heavy.
Therefore, I would like to express my admiration for her *partner.
He never doubted whether he would stand there for her. 
He took it as a matter of course that he would be there for her.

Well - with this post, I say: "hat off for *this man!"

Thanks to him she could close her eyes in peace.
I'm sure when he closes his eyes that he will close them with a clear conscience and peace in his heart! 
He has done what was right! He can be proud of himself! 
I hope for you all …. when your time has come and you have to close your eyes ..... that you can close them with peace in your heart!
However: life goes on and - it doesn't matter where you live - what you do or how much you have ...... It does matter "who's" standing at your side.
Know -

Therefore - make the best of it and be there for each other whatever happens!
Be happy if you have a "true" friend!

Rest in peace A! 
With respect - I dedicate the following song to you. 

For my Dutch speaking readers: of this I'm sure! It would hurt him!
For my  English speaking folowers and/or readers. 
Here's a French version of the song with English subtitles.

PS: the titles in light blue are the links to Dutch songs. 
The link to "her partner" is a Dutch slang song. 
In English it is called: A True Friend.