Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not the Appropriate Time

The last 14 days I prepared a post about: my Belgian ass.

I had planned to publish the post yesterday.

After I was informed about the sad situation of *Jen's Grandfather, I have changed my mind. Now it is certainly not the right moment to tell naughty jokes about a Belgian ass!

Jen gave me the opportunity and a place in her own blog to write my first post. She inspired me to start my own blog.

Out respect for her, I let my "Belgian ass" wait and I hope that one day.... in the future...when she has processed a little what happens now, that postponed post... will cheer her up!

To Jen


P.S: *for those who don't know Jen yet, read my first post:!


  1. Fran, you are so wonderful, but please...I could use some laughter right now! Please, I want to hear about your Belgian ass!

  2. O.K Jen, on your request i will publish my post tomorrow, but i must warn you!
    My "Belgian ass" is not so decent as your elephants ass!:):):
    I hope i can make you laugh!