Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Needle Work From the Past

To day I went to the attic “especially” to take out this piece, very valuable for me, a souvenir, now almost 50 years old.
A little tablecloth! I worked on it together with my mother in law.
I made a small tablecloth, my mother in law made one twice as large. When I had finished mine, I helped her to finish hers. So we spent much time together and I was always looking forward to the Sunday afternoons when we could sit together and do our needle work.

Many years it decorated my drawing room table.
It's made in “cross stitch”!
I think after so many years you still can say it's a very modern pattern. I still like the colors and I always found them very special.
I had so much pleasure in needle work in those days, it was my favorite hobby.
I also made my own dresses like the one on this picture where I was only 16 years old.
I often think back on those days with mixed feelings because my fiancée (now my husband) was at sea and often away from home for long time. So I had much time to do needle work.

Now these days, I do no longer needle work, only small adjustments (on cloths) so now and then.
It's all in the past!
Time flies fast! Much too fast!


  1. The tablecloth is beautiful! What a treasure for you and precious memories. :) Time does change things. We no longer do what we used to do. Now we do different things to suit the tempo of our lives and years. It's still good!

  2. Thanks Jeannie!
    You can click on the picture to enlarge and then you must see it from a distance!
    So......The colors are much more intense!
    And yes, now we live our life more intense than we were young!
    I agree, it's still good!!!

  3. That's CROSS-STITCH???

    I've done a lot of cross stitch and it's very time consuming. That must have taken forever!!

    It's beautiful.

  4. Don't you find it seems almost a carpet.?
    But .... really... this is "cross stitch"! Indeed very time consuming but i had time enough in those days!

  5. time consuming but easy, even at this time n new trends i know a lot many styles of needle works, glad that i know this one too :) its just with a different name in my country