Sunday, September 14, 2014


Today, September 14, 2014 - 
it's already five years ago since Pipke passed away.
 Since then, each time as the date September the 14th gets closer, I go through a very emotional period, and I get overwhelmed by grief. 
If you know me already a little, then you will have noticed that I have apologized myself already a few times for being rather sensitive and emotional.
Well - now I know that I have to change this attitude because I've learned a lot about emotions.
Some time ago I discovered this following quote, and I'm going to use this as guidance.
I'm going to keep this in mind.

'Never apologize for being Sensitive or Emotional...
It's a sign that you have a Big Heart... and that you aren't afraid to let others see it.
Showing your Emotions is a sign of Strength...'

So - I'm not going to suppress my emotions this time because
No, I will let my emotions go their own free rein today.

'Five whole years' already since she's gone! 
I just cannot believe that it can be that long ago. Never thought that missing her would be so tough.
I know - for the world she just might have been a silly duck, but to me, she meant the world. 
Missing Pipke still brings tears to my eyes, but remembering all the good times can bring a smile on my face!
Therefore I prefer to remember the good times.
As a tribute to her I want to share these images with you.

Fulfilled with gratitude that she came into my life, 
I'm watching now these images. 

 At dawn, when leaving her pen, well rested and cheerful,
ready to start a new day. 

After *smooching in the laundry room (*our daily morning ritual) 
ready to inspect the flowers for bugs.
Be sure she took her task as inspector pest controller very serious. 
Not one bug could escape her eye!
Time to assist the gardener with weeding.

After all that work enjoying a good wash in her pond.

Now - time to take a nap on her favorite spot - 
under the easy chair.
Around sunset, for darkness falls.
 Before going to bed - searching for some bugs in
our garden - Pipke's little world - the place I had to leave behind.
For me this was heaven on earth. 
My heart aches!
My little one,
You will live on in my heart
my little friend so true,
and memories of you will fill my mind
until I go to you

May 25, 1995 – September 14, 2009

*Watch: Pipke's life story in a nutshell on YouTube.

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