Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Memorable Image

Exact one year ago – at this very hour – this picture was taken.
This was at the day that Pipke began to deteriorate very fast.
This would become her very last fight.

I'm going through a tough time!


  1. oh Fran, im sending love your way. you have an award waiting at my blog if you are interested in it. everyone that comes to your blog can feel the bond that you had with Pipke and hurts so much for you.

  2. We love whom we love Fran...I'm sorry you have pain in your heart. Maybe one day there will be more joy for you in little Pipke's memories and less hurt. But today is a reminder of what you have lost, and it is painful to remember. Big hugs to you Fran dear.

  3. a picture is worth a 1000 words indeed
    what a beautiful and sentimental picture-it's just full of emotion
    i have a picture of waylon at his last birthday party 9 days before he died. he looks sick and you can see the cancerous growth on his neck. whenever i see it all the pain from knowing the end was inevitable comes rushing back
    i'm never sure if i'm thankful to have that picture or not...i think i am
    yours is so much more lovely...but i'm sure it brings a lot of emotions with it
    thank you for sharing

  4. To Michelle, Jeannie and Tabitha
    Thank you all for your comforting words.

    Michelle: l thank you for nominating my blog, it's a real honor that you've mentioned me.

    Jeannie: I never could imagine that Pipke's dead would become such a traumatic event in my life. She was the best that could happen to me, and yes I cherish the beatiful time we had together and these memories give me much joy, but at the moment I relive her very last fight. I experienced every single moment of that very last fight so intense that it's burned into my memory. I can't get rid of it. The hugs were very welcome!:)

    Tabitha: you say “I'm never sure if I'm thankful to have that picture or not...I think I am”. Well I think the same way. I'm also thankful that I also have pictures of the last months of her life, but I avoid to see them too often. Yes it still hurts so much.
    On the picture that I showed you here she was still in a reasanable condition but I have also many other images where you really can see her deteriorate from day to day and that of course is not so pleasant to see. But – it was the reality and I can't change that, this is how it happened. Now I have doubts if I would show them too in her life story.