Sunday, April 28, 2013

Updating: Our Garden Pipke's Little World.


Reminiscing the good times


Some time ago I went to check the contents of my blog. 

I went to dig back into the posts I've published over the years and reread some of them. 
I wanted to cherish the good times which I've experienced when Pipke was still alive. 
So I came to the post: Our Garden …. Pipke's Little World. (Published on August 9, 2009).
To read this original post click on the link above.

You can see there how it all started at the end of October 1994. At that time the garden even didn't exist: it was still unprocessed soil. There you can see Pipke's parents and ancestors visiting our mud puddle. I describe there the construction of our garden and how it has evolved after more than fourteen years.  

While rereading that particular post that I've mentioned above, I discovered that the slide show that I've installed at that time was now no longer available.
I really found this a pity because – it means so much to me.
It shows the place where Pipke has lived her whole life. There I've spend the happiest time of my life so – the images belong to this blog.
Therefore – for those who are interested and/or haven't seen it yet before: I want to share it with you. So I've installed a new version of the photo-album/slide show on that original post.

If you're not interested to read the original post and just want to see the photo-album/slideshow, just click on this link to watch the new version. 
The pictures you can see there were taken on August 6, 2009.
I hope you will enjoy it.
You must know folks: I had to leave the place where Pipke was born.
I live there anymore. 
It wasn't at all my choice to leave this place. It were the circumstances – “what happened” – that made it inevitable I had to go with much pain in my heart.

And - although I live there anymore - in my thoughts
I still walk every day through the garden and sit on the bench together with Pipke.
Her memory is still the handhold in my life! 
She still brightens up my days!
Thanks for your visit.

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