Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh oh, I've Got Hearing Loss

This problem started already more than one year ago.

First I noticed that - when I was in a crowd with much background noise, I couldn't understand people well. Actually – I often thought: people don't articulate well these days, I really wasn't aware that there was something wrong with me.

I also often noticed that I didn't hear the phone ring when our TV set was on. The same thing happened when our front door bell rang. But after we'd bought a new TV set I was really surprised that I had to turn the sound almost on his loudest. Therefore I went to an auditory centre a few weeks ago to get my hearing checked.

The diagnose really baffled me folks. I've never realized that my hearing was so bad.

Actually – I even couldn't believe it and asked the lady of the auditory centre if the measurement was right. She confirmed that it was correct, there was no doubt.

I have a loss of 80 percent of the high tones, and 45 percent of the low tones.

The result is that I must wear a hearing aid on both ears.

I have the misfortune that I can't wear a hearing aid that sits inside the ear, because in this case my own voice might sound too loud for me. Therefore I have to wear outer hearing aids behind the ears. Luckily they are rather small.

Actually, I still can't understand that this happens to me. No one in the family has or had such a problem. I never wore a head phone (which is very bad for your hearing) and I was never exposed to loud music, I've always avoided it.

Of course I can't complain, there are much younger persons with a hearing problem.

For me it's even not abnormal – It comes with aging – so I have to take it as it comes.


Always stay positive they say!:)

Shall I wear them or not?:)

I only hope that I will get used to the hearing aid set. It will be a great adaption for me because my inner ear is no more used to hear so much. Actually – my hearing specialist says: if I would not wear hearing aids the hearing nerves would die slowly because they receive less and less sound incentives. If hearing loss is not treated, brain can "forget" how to hear and understand speech.

So I had luck, I was just in time. If I would have waited longer, then the damage would have been much worse.

Now my hearing will “likely” remain stable. Actually – that's what I hope.

Therefore I want to warn you.

If you experience even the slightest change in your hearing don't wait to get your hearing checked.

Better too soon than too late!

Growing old sucks folks.

Take care of your hearing!


  1. Fran, it's true what they say...getting old isn't for sissies! LOL

  2. No one can escape growing old Jeannie but It's not the end of the world.
    We must make the best of it.:)

  3. I am sorry to read this, Fran. It is what happens, often, when we age.
    My father always said that getting old was better than the alternative, for which he was not ready yet. ;)
    As for myself, I have inherited a condition which usually starts at least 20 years later in life - but I have now, in which my central vision disappears. -sigh-
    We will just try to keep the other things intact, right? :)

  4. Sorry that I reply so late Terry but I was away for a few days.
    Ha, ha, "getting old is better than the alternative". That's a good expression, and I'm also not yet ready for it:):)!
    It's such a pity that you are loosing your central vision, your "sight" is much more important than your hearing. I hope for you that it will not deteriorate too fast.
    Yes – let's try to keep the other things intact. It's very important that we do that, it will make life more pleasant. We will make the best of it! :):)

    Take care!