Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's a Special Day

To day May, 25 it would have been Pipke's fifteenth birthday but sadly -- it could not be.

She has fought so brave until the bitter end but she could no more, her passing away was inevitable. If our love could have saved her, she would never have died.

This picture of her was taken on her birthday last year. We were grateful on that moment that she pulled through once again (for the 18th time).

Look at those sweet eyes, how the years are showing.

We were so happy that we could have her among us yet one more Summer.

Actually you had to hold your animal friend in your arms when it was time to put it to sleep to know what it means that someone says: happiness is pets.

Her loss was heartbreaking - but after the initial sorrow I now have her wonderful memories.

I will remember Pipke with great gratitude for being my faithful mate, my best friend my everything.

And now after so much sadness something to cheer up!

I want to end this post with this funny note. LOL.

Isn't it funny, It's really appropriate *for us.

Now I'm going to see Pipke's film pictures. I'm looking now at a sunny day, we are cleaning the pond and Pipke is cheerful and lively. She was in the prime of her life. These were such happy days folks! (I will show these film pictures later in her life story.)

Looking at these images can make me smile again and I'm really looking forward to next Monday, the day that I will reveal my surprice.

See you.


PS: is this correct or must it be: at or on?
In Dutch we would say: at us.


  1. Your use of the preposition was correct, as far as I can tell. (I am a native English-speaker, though I have not lived in an English-speaking country for many many years.)

    That is a very nice picture of Piepke and the cartoon is quite appropriate, too. :)

    When our pets die, it is good if we can hold them at the end, so they are not alone.
    Would that we could always do that with our human-companions, too.
    Animals are wonderful and we are so lucky to share a part of our lives with them.

  2. Hey! I was correct. Thank you for your answer Ter-o-fla.
    I thought your native language is English because as far I can estimate it is perfect.
    I suppose you also speak and write German. In fact living in an other country is the best way to learn a foreign language then you hear it and you have to use it every day.
    I only hear it every day on TV.

  3. You are very competent in English.

    My kids grew up speaking both English and German (Austrian German, actually) and have had no problem learning French, as well. Those of us who grew up more or less mono-lingually have had a harder time picking up other languages. :)

  4. Sorry I got on here late...I read it on the right day but can't comment at work.

    Happy Birthday in Heaven Pipke!!!
    Big hugs to you Fran. My Way's Birthday was on 4/9 and he passed to Heaven on 4/18. I was also thankful for one last Birthday to spoil him. Each year I make it a point to remember only the good times on that day.

    That is a beautiful last picture..thank you for sharing!

    Looking forward to our surprise :)

  5. To *Ter-o-fla and **Tabitha.

    *Thanks for the compliment Ter-o-fla. Your kids are really privileged to learn their languages that way. In Dutch we say: zij krijgen het met de paplepel ingegeven. That means something as: they feed *it to the babies with a pap spoon. (* Language in this case. Ha ha, what an explanation, I hope this is correct!:):)

    **Yes Tabitha, for me it will be the same. Also I will make it a point to remember only the good times we had together on that day. But at the moment I'm not yet capable to do that. For me it seems if she died yesterday and the scar isn't healed yet. Grief is the price we pay for love.

  6. cant wait for the news:) thats such a sweet picture of your mate, her little orange legs are the cutest thing!