Monday, January 4, 2010

A Very Interesting Man

I want to start this year with something completely different. On December, 28 we saw an interview on the Dutch TV.

It was an interview with the American journalist: David Simon (Washington 1960).

He was a crime beat reporter for the Baltimore Sun, and now he's the award-winning screenwriter of HBO's critically-acclaimed: The Wire.

I can assure you, this was one of the best interviews I've seen in years.

We really sat on the edge of our seat, for “one and a half” hour.

We had never heard about him, nor about his brainchild: The Wire.

This interview went not only about The Wire, but also about “Capitalism” these days.

In his opinion, or as far as we can conclude: actually, capitalism in itself is not bad – but without a social angle it's on-ethic. On longer term It even can mean the perdition of the Western world.

He spoke about the rich getting richer, and only thinking on themselves.

About president Obama's plans.

About Social Security and the fact that 200 million people don't have a Health Insurance in America. Also about the improvidence of the car industry. They only thought in short terms and getting rich in no time – without thinking on the future.

It went about many other interesting issues -- he spoke about them with such a clear view: I have never heard such a profound decomposition of society as it exists these days.

His eventual conclusion was in fact not so hopeful.

I've tried to find the same interview on the internet, but unfortunate it's not available.

I have listened to this interview (on this site click on "must-watch interview" if you want to see it) and here he also speaks about the same issues, although the interview I have seen went more profound into the subjects.

I hope it will interest you too.

In fact, not such a joyful subject to start the year, but this is reality.

This is the world from today.


  1. I don't know him either (or The Wire--yet), but I will take a listen. Interestingly, I heard an interview with an Economist on the radio today speaking on "predatory" capitalism. Interesting stuff.

  2. Oh, that surprises me Kris. I thought he was a well known person in the US.
    I really do admire this man.
    “Predatory capitalism”, thats it! Greed, greed. They never have enough. That's how the the world wide financial crisis started last year.
    Will they ever learn?

  3. Hi, Dobby. Welcome to my blog and thank you for becoming a follower!
    ” If you are looking for Dobby the Capybara, you are very, very close now!" Very funny.:) Ha ha, I have found your Dobby, he's beautiful!

  4. I don't usually watch 'The Wire' but I know very well what he is talking about because I live in the consequences of it everyday. But don't be fooled, it is NOT only a problem here in a known capitalist society. It is everywhere and is known by many disguises. Greed is at the root of many a heartache.

    Good post Fran!

  5. Yes Jeannie, I know that it exists everywhere and I speak here not only about the capitalist society.
    Even in the poorest countries there exists greed.
    There corruption is the evil.

  6. For Stacey.