Thursday, January 14, 2010

Starting to Doubt

Pipke's full life story is finished, and now I'm not sure what I should do with it!
Four weeks after Pipke's dead, we were invited to a jubilee celebration of one of our friends.
They knew Pipke from the day that she was born, and they asked us how it went with her.
Of course, we had to tell them the bad news. They were touched to hear what had happened.
The other visitors (around 50 I think) asked me to tell her story, they asked me a thousand questions. A few said even: “but actually, you must write a book about her. What you've experienced is unique. We would buy your book immediately”.
I didn't tell them that I was already writing her story, and now: “I really started to doubt”.

I would like that it could become a book, but also – that I could tell her story on my blog. In the mean time I adapted the story so, that it's possible that it can become a book or/and a blog.
Then I started to search for information on the internet, and I found out, that it's not that easy to publish your own book.
It costs a lot of money and you must find the right persons for it. They also must be interested in your story.
It was already December, 10 .
I was still writing Pipke's story – and as I often did – I reread posts in my blog.
Again I found so many stupid grammar mistakes and I thought “this is not good enough”.
Of course finding your own mistakes is improving yourself but then I thought: if I want “this” to become a book – then I need help – and if it doesn't become a book – then it will be at least a “good” blog.

Therefore, we searched on the internet for someone who can help me with my story, and two days later we found someone to subedit it. (Her name is Heidi G.)
I let her read a post of Pipke's story and immediately she agreed to subedit Pipke's full story.
She is a professional subeditor and someone who also loves animals, so I couldn't find someone better. She will understand my feelings.

Then an idea crossed my mind: in fact, there are so many animals living in cruel life circumstances, maybe I can ease their suffering – maybe I can mean something for animals in need.
Why shouldn't I donate Pipke's story on a “*Charity Cause for Animals”.
Maybe I even need to search for *them in the USA, because I write in English, there they can reach a larger audience.
Perhaps, they will help me financially – and with the rigmarole to publish her story.
(Of course I pay the costs for the subediting.)
In return – I would offer them the eventually profits.
I don't need to earn on this – it would make me happy – to know that I can help animals with this gesture.
Of course, I do hope that they understand – that first: I want my name on the story – and second: that I also want to publish it (or at least extractions) on my blog.
Perhaps this isn't congruous, and If this would be the case, then it will become a real dilemma for me. I promised my readers to tell Pipke's story!
(Although, not everyone reads blogs – there's still a large audience that reads books – and they can sell it for their good cause.)

Perhaps this aim is too high for me.
If I don't succeed in it – and it only stays a dream – then at least – I have tried to mean something for animals in need.
Then there is yet an other thing: now you will encounter no more stupid grammar mistakes in Pipke's life story, and that will be more pleasant for you to read .

Just after New Year, I have finished Pipke's story, and this morning I've sent it to the subeditor.
My hubby placed it on his computer in a normal book format (5,51 Inch by 8,26 Inch) to see how many pages it would become in a book and guess what: I have written 175 pages, not all pictures and/or film pictures included (and we have a lot more)!
I still can't believe it!
So now you know that it will not be a short story.
I can't give away too much, but these are the titles of only a few chapters. (I think you call this teasers, correct me if I'm wrong!)

A Blessing in Disguise.
Hubby's Plans.
A Companion for Pipke.
Emergency Call 991.
Living in the Woodland.
Missing Duck.
A Bet.
Pipke on TV.
Sparrows with Mustaches.
Her “Eagle” Eye!
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.

and many more, but no no, I'm not going to reveal more, I hope that I've made you a little curious.
Now it will take a while, how long – I don't really know, it depends on how the things develop.
I will keep you informed.
In the mean time, I will publish some posts about various subjects. I have written them in draft already some time ago.
I hope till soon!

PS: * Can someone give me a hint, where must I be with my proposition?
Tips are welcome!

Post up date January 19:
This is one site (see under) that I've just found on the internet. Maybe someone can tell me: what do you think about them?
Which one do you know?
If you had to make a choice, which one should you choose from the list on the left side of this site?


  1. Well, I can't wait to read it no matter what format it appears in! Although your idea to use the story for the benefit of other animals is an excellent one. Keep us posted on what you decide to do.

  2. Oh Fran! This is marvelous. I'm so excited for you and I am anxious to read all of Pipke's story however you publish it. When your dream becomes a reality, please let me know!!

  3. Of course I will keep you informed ladies. At the moment I am still searching for a Charity Cause and till now, that isn't easy but I will try to find one who is interested.
    This is one site (see under) that I've just found on the internet. Maybe someone can tell me: what do you think about them?
    Which one do you know?
    If you had to make a choice, which one should you choose from the list on the left side of this site.
    Tips are well come.

    Thanks for your attention and till soon!:)

  4. I am very excited at the thought of reading your beautiful story. And that you will be raising money for a worthy cause just makes me even happier! Just a small suggestion if you can't get a charity to publish it, you could offer it as an on-line book and people donate to a list of charities that thay can chose from (and how much)(you could even have a precentage of all donations go towards a fund to eventually publish the book!) I do think that having a real book in your hand always feels good, but it is just a suggestion if it can not be done the other way. Either way all the best with it and let me know what happens as I am really looking forward to reading Pipke's story.

  5. Thanks Melanie for the suggestion! That would be a good alternative if it doesn't become a real book. I didn't knew that this was possible, I am relatively new in the blogger world. I am going to find out how that works.
 I'm glad that you are interested in Pipke's story!

  6. Fran, I think any of the humane organizations or even PETA would be a good choice for you; alas it is a choice that only you can make.

    I also think the suggestion of publishing an e-book is a good one to get you started. I've never done it and don't know the ends and outs of it but I do believe that what is required is that you put your book into a PDF file format so that it can be easily downloaded but how to set up the charity donation for someone to obtain the e-book I don't know how it's done.

    Persevere to the end!

  7. Sometimes I think my aim is too high Jeannie!
    Maybe this dream is too beautiful to become reality!
    But I'm not going to give up too easy.
    I am going to do more research on this e-book thing. Thanks for the info Jeannie.
    I will persevere!:)

  8. I'll be honest and say I am not 100% sure myself of how to go about doing an e-book and charging for it but I am sure that almost anything is possible with technology these days. If you know any computerly inclined people they could point you in the right direction. I have a friend in his 3rd year of computer studies so I will ask him if he has an information or if he could ask one of his lectures maybe?? And you are right in your last post, do not give up on telling your story, there are many of us here waiting to read it!! Peace M :)
    Ps I just found a little information here that maybe of use to you Fran
    I wonder if you contacted this man,Christopher Heng, could he maybe give you some guidence as he seems to know what he is talking about

  9. Thanks Melanie that you will ask your computer friend for more information about E books.
    All info is welcome!:)
    I looked at the link you gave and that seems to be a good site to search through. That, Cristhopher Heng, can maybe help me out. I will keep you informed about the progress in this matter.
    Hm, hm I wonder “how many” people are really waiting for Pipke's story?
    In fact I must hold a poll on that question in the future.
    I really wonder for the result!