Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Planning the Future

I had a dream …. but unfortunately!

Until now – that dream will not come true, but I reconcile myself with it, I can't expect mirakels. Probably my aim was too high!

As I wrote on January 14, 2010 in my post: “Starting to Doubt”, I planned to donate Pipke's life story to a Charity Cause for Animals, but unfortunate it seems that I was not the only one who made such proposal to them. They said that it's their policy to regretfully decline all such offers.

I do understand that they follow a policy and that they can make no exception.

Some answered very polite and I was really pleased to hear that they found it a “*heartwarming” story. (I've only sent them a few parts of the story of course.) To hear *this made me really glad. Pipke touched their hearts, and that's my aim, to touch many hearts, and to share what we've experienced with others.

Now I'm planning how I will publish the story as a book on my blog.

It became a long story, 175 pages (in a normal book size) not all pictures and film pictures included.

So – I was thinking that: it will be easy for you that it will be possible to follow the story as you follow a story in a book. To make that possible I think it will be the best that I classify the story separately under: “Pipke's life story”, and in order that the story evolves I will add a character.

I'll give you an example: “Pipke's life story a”, “Pipke's life story b”. In this way it will appear in the sidebar and it will be possible for you to follow it easily.

(I hope that this explanation makes it clear for you.:)

Anyhow, do know – that I'm not at all a writers talent, I only tried to do my best and I hope you will take that into account, but actually – I think in this case it's “Pipke's story” that counts, that's the most important.

The subeditor has only corrected my grammar mistakes, she didn't change the text, otherwise it would have been no longer my story.

I've worked on the story almost half a year and I started to write on it when Pipke was still alive, when I didn't know “the end” yet.

I never could have thought that it would be such a traumatic experience for me.

To share her story with others will ease the pain of her loss.

So, I hope you'll all be there when I start the story.

This will then be a “BLOG BOOK”:) instead of a real book, and I hope you will appreciate it.

I will let you know the exact date.

Till soon

PS: Do you think this a good plan?

Let me know if you have a better one to publish it on a blog.


  1. I am sorry that your original plan did not work out, but pleased that you are going to go ahead and publish Pipke's story on your blog.

    Your description is quite clear!

    This is something I look forward to reading.
    Thanks for your perserverance.

  2. I think this is a good plan - and - I think you could put a DONATION link with your story that leads to the Charity Cause for Animals website. Then you could ask, "If you enjoyed this story, please consider making a donation." Looking forward to reading more. All the best, Tiff & Flapper

  3. that would be so nice to read whole book, i will wait patiently cuz this is worth waiting, m so in love with animals cuz they are all genuine, love Pipke, hugs for you, go on for book :)